What is a carbon footprint?

Everyone’s talking about it but what does it mean?
Carbon footprinting measures the amount of greenhouse gas emissions (including Carbon Dioxide) produced by the things we do. From washing our hair, to riding in cars, we all leave a carbon footprint on the environment.

The carbon label on Walkers packs shows the greenhouse gas emissions created by producing each bag of crisps – from growing the potatoes, to production, transportation and the final disposal of the pack.

In total, the Carbon Trust estimates that the UK emits 648 million tonnes of carbon emissions every year. This is an average of 11 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually for every man, woman and child in the UK¹.

At Walkers we understand we have an important part to play in helping to care for the environment. That’s why we’ve been working on energy reducing initiatives with the Carbon Trust since 2001. We joined the Carbon Reduction Label initiative when it was introduced in 2007 and committed to “reduce or lose” by 2009. Thanks to our efforts so far, we are proud that Walkers Crisps is the first product to demonstrate a reduction in our carbon footprint and retain the Carbon Reduction Label on our packs.