Walkers – calculating our emissions

Walkers carbon footprint

Calculating the carbon footprint of a packet of Walkers Cheese & Onion Crisps

Our most popular flavour is Cheese & Onion. We asked the Carbon Trust to calculate its carbon footprint first, by:

  • Drawing up a map of the key stages in our supply chain - from growing potatoes and sunflower seeds, to getting the crisps on the shelves, to finally disposing of the packet.

  • Looking at the energy consumption directly involved in each of these stages and converting this into the resulting amount of carbon emissions.

  • Adding up the carbon emissions from each of these stages to get the calculated value.

We then calculated the footprint of other flavours, and found there was no real difference. The final carbon footprint calculation for a standard bag of Walkers Crisps is 80g CO2.

Where does it all go?

We measured our carbon footprint 2 years ago and then pledged, with our on-pack Carbon Reduction Label, to actively reduce it. Having achieved a 7% reduction so far (that's the equivalent of 6g of CO2 per standard bag) our commitment to improve continues.

The flow-chart on this page shows exactly what percentage of our carbon footprint is expended at each stage:

1: Our raw materials: Potatoes, sunflowers and seasoning
2: Manufacture: Producing crisps from potatoes
3: Packaging our crisps
4: Distribution: Bringing our crisps to you
5: Disposal of the empty packs

More useful information about this process is included in our Q&A document.